The Empress Entrepreneur

A 12-week mastermind for the woman who has an idea brewing inside and is ready to go all in to establish her prosperous business empire.

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You are here
for a reason

You’re here to make your mark in the world and you know for sure you don’t want to do it following the old paradigm success model.

Except right now it’s kinda starting to feel like the only way…

  • You’re struggling without a roadmap for your business and feel like you don’t have a clear direction
  • You’re feeling financially stunted and blocked 
  • You’re caught in the procrastination cycle and know you have more to give
  • You’re struggling to overcome perfectionism and the fear of being judged
  • You just aren’t sure what to focus on right now but you’re sure you want to take the entrepreneurial path

If you could wake up with everything you deeply desire set out before you, it would look a little something like:

  • Getting notifications that money is coming into your account and that you’re financially rocking it…with ease and flow doing what you love
  • Time and freedom to work on your own schedule from anywhere in the world
  • Feeling like you have a clear focused strategy to achieve the business results that you desire
  • Waking up with energy and excitement for the day ahead and feeling in control of the day (no more Sunday scaries!)
  • Soulful, deep connections with other women who truly see you, hear you, and support your expansion journey 
  • Understanding the gift of receiving and not needing to try so hard to have it all together because you’re in a safe container
  • Saying goodbye to the inner critic who makes you constantly doubt yourself and feel limited to express yourself 
  • And most importantly, feeling connected to your WHY, and gaining energy and excitement from the purpose you’ve created for yourself

Sounds pretty incredible, right?

The question simply becomes — how do you get there?

How do you let go of the procrastination, overwhelm, and anxiety spiral so you can achieve everything you desire?

You’ve maybe even downloaded all the freebies that you thought contained the answers, read all the business books, binged Youtube videos, hired a therapist, had your astrology chart read, and maybe you even tried working with a coach before, and still none of it has moved the needle in truly creating your business and in your life the way you desired.

I want to change that with you.

I no longer want you to sit around comparing yourself to others and feeling like you should be further along because the real competition is with you.

It’s time to align with your purpose, natural talents, and unique energetic blueprint, and finally get the support you need to unlock your inner Empress and create a business empire that supports you to live a prosperous life!

 Ready for your pathway forward?


The Empress Entrepreneur


A 12-week mastermind to gain clarity and confidence to share your unique transformational message and pave the path forward to establish your prosperous business.

This container offers a powerful mixture of wealth energetics, feminine leadership, and conscious business strategies. You will be calibrated to the Empress energetic frequency which will unlock your next levels of abundance, prosperity, pleasure, and success in your life. 

On top of these major transformations, I will also be showing you through the way the course is set up the power of cycle syncing to fully surrender to leading in your feminine energy.

This program not only teaches you all the necessary strategies, materials, tools, and tactics that you need to launch your prosperous business, but I will be guiding you through implementing specific Empress rituals and systems in your life to truly operate as the Empress CEO and leader you were born to be.

client stories

Tatjana Lucia
Leah Abrahams

Here you will uncover your specific Empress energetic essence which holds the key to building your brand, marketing, and sales in a prosperous way.

You will tap into the energetics of magnetism so you can share your message with confidence, flow, and ease to attract your authentic audience.

You will develop a new understanding of money and wealth energetics so you can unlock your next quantum leap to your big life and income goals.

You will meet, connect, and be empowered by this incredible group of Empresses around the world who will help you live a purpose-led and profit-driven life.

Hi, I’m Alexia

Entrepreneurship in a word can be overwhelming when you’re starting out. You’re not sure what to do, it can be painfully lonely, and filled with self-doubt because most people don’t get it. 

That’s how I felt when I was getting started… 

The start of my journey was wasted with a lot of misused time, energy, and money turning my wheels trying to discover what I wanted and needed. 

It wasn’t until I realized it wasn't just about HOW to do things, but instead, realizing that I was lacking the energetics...that everything shifted.

I wasn’t owning my Empress identity and embodying the pioneer I was meant to be.

This energetic shift changed everything for me, and it’s why I created this program for you.

This is what led to quantum leaps in growing my aligned Instagram audience, land dream speaking opportunities, become a TV Show Host, and attract dream clients ready to invest…all while enjoying my Empress lifestyle of freedom, beauty, meaning, flow, and abundance.

I can’t wait to help you condense the time it takes to build a prosperous empire you’re proud of.


Week 1: The Empress Entrepreneur Blueprint
We’re starting our journey together by activating and calibrating your new level of energetic expansion to build solid foundations for sovereign success together. 

Week 2: Reclaiming your Empress Energy + Feminine Leadership Magnetism 
This week we’re focusing on letting go of the “should” path that’s no longer supporting you in showing up as your truest, most authentic, and FULLEST self. It’s about stepping into honoring the power of the Empress boundaries and upleveling yourself to being the most magnetic woman who inspires others to want to join her with ease and flow. 

Week 3: Discover Your Empress Voice and Magnetic Brand
Through conscious communication, we’ll focus on activating your Empress voice that will encapsulate your brand story, define the energy of your voice, and speak to the hearts of your community. 

I wasn’t owning my Empress identity and embodying the pioneer I was meant to be.

Week 4: Wealth Up-level Embodiment Practice + Manifestation Journey
It’s time to integrate your energetic expansion and step into Empress receiving mode so you can tap into next-level wealth by claiming what you desire unapologetically and lovingly. 

Week 5: Attract your Soulmate Clients + Community
This is the week you clarify who is your dream client and the community that you are going to love serving and supporting through your business. The success of your business is founded on how aligned you are with who you serve and WHY you support them.

Week 6: Crafting Your Irresistible Empress Offerings + Sovereign Pricing
Let’s craft your signature offer that truly embodies your magic, the desires of your dream clients, and the wealth you desire by creating offers that make your community say, “THIS is what I’ve been craving.” 


Week 7: Unleash Your Empress Iconic Identity + Brand Signature
This is the week you awaken and connect with the legend, the icon, the “X factor” within you that is your Empress Essence. This is what makes your uniqueness shine and allows you full permission to create a stand out brand online. 

Week 8: Integration + Implementation 
We’ve covered a lot up until this point, this is your week to catch up and integrate everything we’ve done up until now so you head into week 9 with complete focus.

Week 9: Visibility and Creating Content that Attracts Your Dream Community
Now that you’ve crafted your irresistible offer, it’s essential that you shine in your feminine leadership and Empress iconic identity online. We'll cover sharing your transformational message with the world through attraction marketing that brings in people who are waiting for what you’re sharing. 

I wasn’t owning my Empress identity and embodying the pioneer I was meant to be.

Week 10: Soulful Selling + Embodying Empress Wealth on all Levels
It’s time to fall in love with sales and tap your energy into the Empress wealth frequency to stand in your power in a whole new way because truly, it’s not the sales we dislike, it’s manipulation. 

Week 11: Run your Empire with the Systems + Structures for Success
An Empress takes her business seriously and knows she has an important mission on this planet to share, and to do so, she needs support. She needs the structure and masculine energetics that let her lead from her femininity, and that’s what you’ll master here.

Week 12: Unapologetically Shining + Embodying the Empress Entrepreneur Frequency
This is your reclamation and deep celebration week where we come together to uplevel your standards and claim the legacy you’re creating on another level with your powerful business empire.

The Empress Entrepreneur is going to simplify what otherwise feels like a complicated business world to navigate.

You’ve consumed so many strategies, tactics, and marketing models that do not seem to make sense, but here we simplify. You will be supported by simple rituals, structures, and systems to create the Empress business of your dreams.

In a world that tells us we’re most afraid of death, I actually feel we’re most afraid of fully living.

Being fully present and awake to our life, our heart’s true calling, the depth and expansiveness of our true potential. This program is going to open you up to what you crave most — to be fully free and living a life of prosperity.

You’re going to feel like you’ve had a full life and business upgrade, and are seeing and experiencing the world differently. 

You’ll feel more confident in who you truly are, achieve more inner peace from the clarity of your vision, and feel supported with your structure and a path forward.

This mastermind is the place for you to take that quantum leap of success. Are you ready to take it?

client stories

“Before Alexia’s program, I was finishing my poetry book but felt stressed, alone and overwhelmed. However, with the support of Alexia’s loving and intuitive leadership and the other magnificent women in the program, I felt held, seen and empowered. Alexia shared techniques to help us release stress in our bodies and understand where we were holding onto unwanted energy, emotions and trauma. After releasing those negative energy blockages, I could more easily tackle my book in a relaxed, focused way, and ultimately hit my publishing deadline. I was blown away by the caliber of the other women in this accelerator as we’re all leaders in our respective fields, and am grateful that I got to learn and grow alongside all of them with Alexia’s guidance. I cannot recommend this program enough!!”

Karina Hsieh USA

“Before I invested in 1-1 coaching with Alexia, I was guarded, I feared intimacy and was too scared and self critical to take the leap into becoming a coach myself. Through our journey together, I realised how much I was limiting myself, my own opportunities and possibilities of expansion. Alexia helped me find the courage to let go of a career path that I thought I 'needed' to do and instead create and choose a path of what I actually really WANTED to do. She helped me open and FEEL my heart up again after many years of guardedness and I'm now in the healthiest and best relationship I've ever had! Thank you Alexia for your guidance.”

Bek La Australia

“Working with Alexia is the best thing that happened to me in 2020! This is a program that I would recommend to everyone; everyone needs Alexia’s wisdom and positive spirit in their life. One of my biggest takeaways was that being a good leader starts with understanding and honoring my uniqueness. For the longest time I thought that being sensitive was a sign of weakness. The accelerator helped me appreciate that being sensitive is my biggest strength. Being sensitive means that I am also more empathetic. Empathy is one of my leadership superpowers because I am able to understand people and relate with others from a human level. I’m looking forward to living a happy authentic life and inspiring others to do the same.”

Faith Mumo Kenya

“I’m finding it a challenge to summarize the breadth of insight and inner 'knowing' I gained from Alexia's Accelerator.  Women leaders hold themselves to such high standards to meet every demand that society and others place on them. We are chronically exhausted. And I was tired of being tired. Living this way came at a huge cost and my body and spirit were the ones paying the price. The wide-ranging dialogue that goes on amongst the brilliant and diverse group of global women leaders in the program took me to places I never expected.


Since the accelerator, I have a new pair of eyes and a set of vocabulary that helps me name my lived experiences. Even single words, words I had heard about and knew but didn’t really know, have unlocked my ability to see myself, other women, and the pressures of society in a newfound clarity. Three are coming to mind as I’m writing: living with integrity, embodied wisdom, and setting boundaries but there are many more. Each is not just my insights, but speak to Alexia’s style, facilitation prowess, and program structure.


To exhausted women out there, you aren’t alone. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to work with Alexia, a powerhouse of a woman herself, who is working relentlessly to help women find freedom through the wisdom of the body, discover their primary energy sources, ultimately to help cultivate the global force of feminine leadership we so desperately need.”

Morgan Fabian USA

Here’s everything that you’ll receive when you join The Empress Entrepreneur:

1-1 Empress Soul’s Purpose Session (20 minutes)
Our special 1:1 session where we’ll set you up with the powerful foundation of knowing your unique energetic blueprint as an Empress entrepreneur and leader. We’ll decode your soul’s purpose, life’s work, evolution, and radiance.

10 LIVE Group Mentoring Sessions (90 minutes)
This is where we’ll come together to learn and connect on specific content modules to dive deeper into the topics and gain even deeper insights.

1 LIVE Group Wealth Energetic Expansion (60 minutes)
A special group session focused on the expansion of our wealth energetics and embodying our Empress identity so we can become next-level magnetic.

Empress Entrepreneur Portal and Workbooks
You will receive workbooks throughout the journey that will give meaningful guidance and support with taking aligned action that anchors in the content for the week.

Empress Business + Manifestation Toolkit
Empress rituals, embodiment practices, and business tools to support your growth and evolution throughout the journey.

Your Empress Entrepreneur Community + Accountability
You can rest easy knowing that you’ve got your community of like-hearted women on a similar business journey backing you up and supporting your growth.

Plus, this transformational BONUS!

  • FEARCEly Free (Value: $444)
    My transformational inner work program that gives you the step-by-step guidance to reconnect with your voice, gain clarity around your truth, and awaken your natural gifts to achieve sovereign success. THIS is the inner work that supports you with saying goodbye to self-doubt and helloooo to Empress confidence and authenticity.

This program is the answer — it’s the ultimate fast track pass to a life of wholesome energy guided by a clear view of purpose.

Rather than waiting around, stressing about trying to figure it out all on your own, or piecing together different courses and tactics, this course is going to bring you to prosperity so you can achieve everything you desire.

More than that, this program is going to give you the support you need... and it’s so much easier to have your fellow Empresses supporting you and celebrating your wins by your side.

This container is how we can tap into the depths of your potential and magnify your true life goals.

Are you ready to quantum leap into the next level of success and prosperity?

The time has come to make your move.

Empress Investment Options:

One payment
of $4444

Celebrating you for going ALL IN!

Receive a BONUS
1-1 Empress Mentorship Session with Alexia (60 minutes)

5 Payments
of $999

Billed monthly

frequently asked questions

What do I get when I join The Empress Entrepreneur?

Once you’re enrolled into the Empress Entrepreneur, we’ll be doing a happy dance to celebrate your commitment to going big! We’re celebrating you making your move and saying hell yes to your greatness. You’ll be granted access to our exclusive Empress Entrepreneur portal on April 19th where you will receive your weekly content, workbooks, templates, etc throughout the journey. You’ll also receive access to the Empress Toolkit which is one of my secrets to cultivating sovereign success. As a bonus…you’ll also receive access to FEARCEly Free…my signature program for cultivating unshakeable confidence and is one of the tools that my clients revisit consistently whenever they are at a growth edge.

What is your coaching style like?

Supportive, committed, playful, and honest. I’ll be there every step of the way while you conquer your business fears..and am more than happy to give you the gentle nudge and that honest love when needed. You’ll never feel like you’re alone through your journey to creating the business and lifestyle of your dreams!

Do I need to have started a business to benefit from this måstermind?

No, but having an IDEA or a few ideas around the type of business is ideal so you can get the most out of this mastermind.

Does it matter what type of business I have?

Yes. This mastermind was created for aspiring/current early stage online coaches, digital service providers, consultants, healers, and content creators. The Empress Entrepreneur is created for those who want to start their online business or who need help in the early stages of their online business.

How many hours a week do I need to commit?

1-2 hours per week minimum.

Can you guarantee results?

Nope. I will guide you, mentor you, and do what I can to support you in this journey but ultimately your results depend on your commitment, your self-belief, and your time invested in showing UP for establishing your business.

What if I’d like to continue beyond the 3 months in The Empress Entrepreneur?

My 1:1 Empress Mentorship option is perfect for those wanting to dive even deeper into themselves and their business.

client stories


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