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Gain the clarity, confidence, and courage you
need to take on the world as an Empress and lead
a profitable and purpose-led online business.



em·press /‘empres/

Embodying the highest version of
who you are. It’s about deeply

connecting to your sovereignty,
knowing your self-worth, and loving

yourself completely. It’s a sense of
deep radical alignment with the
of who you are and embodying
your authentic power completely.


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No matter what phase of business
you’re in —from the ideation phase, to
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I’m here to help you awaken your inner
Empress and create your abundant business
overflowing with FREEDOM and sovereignty.

Embodying the Empress Lifestyle means forgetting the old success
memo that tells us to create a life based on security. And instead,
replacing it with freedom — freedom in managing your energy,
smoothly automating your business, traveling all over the world, and
creating a beautiful business and life with a sense of flow.



My teachings focus on both the inner and
outer work to cultivate genuine prosperity
in your personal life and in your business.

This balance allows my clients to see the
world and their
life from a completely new
and fulfilling lens. They don’t just
differently in their doing, they experience
a giant
shift in the consciousness with
which they approach their life
and their
relationship to work.

It’s time to fulfill your deepest passions,
nurture a
profitable business, and step into
your full life’s purpose.


Hellooo prosperity.

Want to know how
I created my Empress



“When I came across Alexia I was in a bit of
a rut in my business. I had been running it
for about 2 years and I kind
of plateaued.
Over the six months of working together, it
was just profound transformation after
transformation. In the space of her
and I working together, I got really clear on
my mission and my vision. I got
really clear
on my energetics, my capacity, and
changed my offerings from being very 1-1
based to actually being
more group and
online course based.Having Alexia was just
the most incredible catalyst for me to
uplevel my
business and move into this
huge phase of expansion.”


Tatjana Lucia |
Self-Health Expert, Hypnotist,
and Sexuality Coach


“Before I invested in 1-1 coaching with Alexia, I was guarded, I feared intimacy and was too scared and self critical to take the leap into becoming a coach myself. Through our journey together, I realized how much I was limiting myself, my own opportunities and possibilities of expansion. Alexia helped me find the courage to let go of a career path that I thought I 'needed' to do and instead create and choose a path of what I actually really WANTED to do. She helped me open and FEEL my heart up again after many years of guardedness and I'm now in the healthiest and best relationship I've ever had! Thank you Alexia for your guidance.”


-Bek La, Founder of Virtual Virgo and Host of Conscious Convos Podcast


“Working with Alexia was nothing short of transformative. Alexia was a coach to me during a pivotal transition period in my life, but she was so much more to me than just a "coach"—she was truly an intuitive teacher who helped me get in touch with my deepest truth and natural gifts. Within just a few months of working with Alexia, she helped me own my truth as a writer—and within several months, I was hired full time at Pinterest to head up their marketing writing function. Alexia also helped me launch a side business during my time at Pinterest, to help grow my passive income and put myself out there publicly. Lexi's deepest gifts are in her ability to truly SEE you—to see past your limitations, your ego-instincts, and to help you tap deeply into your core wants, desires and gifts. She lovingly helped guide me towards some of my biggest creative blocks and helped me transcend them. “


- Leah Gordon, Writer


“Working with Alexia is the best thing that happened to me in 2020! Everyone needs Alexia’s wisdom and positive spirit in their life. One of my biggest takeaways was that being a good leader starts with understanding and honoring my uniqueness. For the longest time I thought that being sensitive was a sign of weakness. The accelerator helped me appreciate that being sensitive is my biggest strength.


- Faith Mumo, Technical Supervisor at BBC East Africa Bureau


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