The Empress Start-Up Kit

Embody your inner Empress and build your profitable online business

A self-paced course to support you to start your online business, manifest the life you want, and create the Empress energetic identity aligned with the freedom you desire in your life.

It's time to live life on your
own terms

Are you tired of building someone else’s dream and selling your soul working for a company that doesn’t bring you joy, or in some cases even value you?

Let me guess... you're getting tired of that nagging feeling of dissatisfaction in your current life and current job...and frankly, are deeply craving more.

This course is for the woman looking to start her online serviced based business, passion project or side hustle...but has no idea where to start.

Maybe this is
you right now...


  •  You count down the minutes until you can finish work every day because you’re unfulfilled and want more for yourself, but don’t know how to get there (yet)
  • You're absolutely done with your 9-5 and running yourself into the ground working for someone else
  • You’re feeling capped and limited with what you can do financially because of your salary
  • You go to bed at night dreaming about working for yourself and being in control of your time 
  • You dream about what it'd be like to earn abundantly whilst buying first-class tickets and jet-setting around the world 

let your
inner empress lead the way to your success...

An Empress does not chase, she attracts her dream opportunities.

An Empress leads with courageous love because she values her boundaries.​

An Empress doesn’t settle, she raises her standards and inspires others to do the same.

An Empress honors her masculine energy and leads with her feminine energy.​

An Empress embraces abundance because she knows it is already within her.​

An Empress is financially free because what she creates is aligned with her purpose.

As an Empress, you take radical responsibility for your life, choose to be aligned with your purpose, and take action every day to serve and build your prosperous empire. 


after this course, you will feel:


  • Fulfilled and motivated with a sense of direction for your future 
  • Confident and supported with a launchpad to start your prosperous business 
  • Excited to live an abundant life with the freedom you truly desire
  • Clarity about the next chapter of your life 
  • Free from success saboteurs that have held you back  #seeya 
  • Empowered and supported to take your next step forward 
  • Motivated to launch your prosperous business and start owning the Empress lifestyle


The Empress Start-Up Kit


Own your inner Empress and finally start your online business!

Embody inner transformations and build a prosperous business to create long-term wealth, freedom, and success.

This is a self-paced course to kick-start women with skills, tools, and resources to start a business by taking empowered action and setting up the structures and systems for success.

This six-module course contains outer work modules that include practical tools to launch your brand/ business authentically and inner work modules to help you break free from fears that have held you back from launching your prosperous business and living an abundant life. 

 This self-paced course is designed so you can do this work in your own way on your own time...the Empress way.

client stories

"The Empress Start-Up Kit is amazing at supporting you to grow your business if you're maybe currently struggling with where or how to start, in a way that is aligned with your unique being. It is about your business, but even more it is about you. Deep self inquiry + expansion on so many levels are guaranteed. 

I am clearly seeing and feeling my vision and mission. I know my 'why' and truly embody it. I feel so much more comfortable with who I am, my truth and my unique gifts, knowing this is the fuel for my business. I don't feel shaky in my vision any longer. I know who I am and what I am here for and how important it is to bring it out into the world. I matter!"

Kyra Helmers, embodiment mentor Germany

"The Empress Start-Up Kit gave me more understanding of myself, what I need, and who I strive to be as well as more clarity on my passions and options for the entrepreneurial world. It is excellent for the Empress who needs clarity and understanding of who she is and who she wants to show up as. This course is for the one who wants to start a business with her passion or if she even needs to find her passion. For the woman who is into self-growth and would like a step-by-step guide to help her own her story and become more confident in herself and keep boundaries. The Empress Start-Up Kit helped me with all this and more. Thank you Alexia for creating this program."

Gianna Gherardi USA

“Working with Alexia has empowered me to stop waiting for others to tell me that I’m worthy and shift into knowing I’m 100% worthy of being an entrepreneur. More than that, I have badass leadership superpowers that this world has been waiting for me to unleash.”

Daniella Sachs, Founder of Know Your Tourist Netherlands

“Alexia has changed my life and transformed my thinking with her insightful questions, extraordinary EQ and playful curiosity. I met Alexia at a time when everything in my life was in a moment of transition. Not only did she help me navigate that by holding space and guiding me, she provided me with the tools to do so on my own. I’ve been able to reconnect with my voice, unleash my inner warrior and really discover and harness my leadership superpower.”

Varshani Ramson, Senior Tax Advisor at EY South Africa

it's time, empress.

your transformation journey:

Module 1: Empress Code #1 Confidence
Learn how to break free from the fear that has held you back from defining success on your own terms, from living your truth, and living abundantly. 


Module 2: Unleash Your Empress Brand Story
You are your brand. In this module, we are going to help you clearly define and outline the story behind your brand to help you create an authentic brand that you can show up confidently as online. This makes your marketing and sales much more fun and simple.


Module 3: Empress Code #2 Boundaries
An Empress has boundaries that enable her to leverage her energy and maximize her time for the freedom she abundantly desires. Learn where you've been blocked when it comes to creating boundaries. I'll show you the action steps that are essential to set up boundaries for success.

I wasn’t owning my Empress identity and embodying the pioneer I was meant to be.



Module 4: Empress Vision & Energy Budgeting

Vision is the foundation of an Empire, Empress. In this module we unlock the true vision that is within you & equip you with energy budgeting systems that are essential to make your vision a reality with ease & flow.


Module 5: Empress Code #3 Authenticity
There is no one who can be you, the way YOU can be you. In this module we are going to unlock the true authentic you and help you strategize on how you can show up for your vision as the secret sauce you are.


Module 6: Rocking Your Business Like an Empress
Now let's get ready to launch. In this module we kickstart your business launch process and equip you to launch your passion project with systems and sustainable steps that will make you the Empress CEO that you abundantly desire to be.

There is no ‘perfect’ or ‘right’ time to truly own your full potential

Your life is precious. And you have full control of how your story turns out.

Instead of waiting, ask yourself what is it costing you to let another day pass without feeling truly aligned with your purpose and creating the life of prosperity that will support you and those you love in living a beautiful, meaningful life?

Here’s what
you'll receive:

6 modules of 17 videos designed to launch your prosperous business (Value: $997)

 3 Empress Code Guides ($397)

Empress Energy Budgeting Guide ($147)

Empress Brand Story Guide ($147)

Empress Business Launch Guide ($397)

 My Tech Toolkit Guide ($47)

that's over $2100 of value

But you'll only be paying a fraction of that! 






This is for you if you have that nagging feeling of dissatisfaction in your current life, current job, etc. and have been looking into starting an online passion project/ side hustle/ business but aren’t sure where to start. You might still be working your job and want to start a side hustle. You might be a stay at home mom who wants to start your own business. You might be eager to set yourself up with additional sources of income. Or you’ve already taken the leap into being an entrepreneur and are feeling overwhelmed and a lack of clarity.


This is for you if you have that nagging feeling of dissatisfaction in your current life, current job, etc. and have been looking into starting a passion project/ side hustle/ business but aren’t sure where to start. You might still be working your job and want to start a side hustle. You might be a stay at home mom who wants to start your own business. You might be eager to set yourself up with additional sources of income. Or you’ve already taken the leap into being an entrepreneur and are feeling overwhelmed and a lack of clarity.


There are a lot of people who create similar programs but only focus on either the specific business side of things or the mindset/ inner work side. All of our programs focus on both because I feel that is the true secret behind manifesting anything you want. It is important to have the energetic identity aligned with the empowered action, structures, and systems. The Empress is the energetic identity we invite our women to explore and define in their own way.


You will have access to the course as long as the course exists. If, for some reason, I ever decide to remove the course you will be given 6-months notice before access is lost.


This is a self-paced course, so as soon as you enroll you will be emailed access to your course hub. ​​We will give you all 6 of the modules right after you sign up so you can deep dive into the content if you’d like or we recommend doing a module a week that creates space to do the implementation each week.


Unfortunately there are no refunds. We are confident that when you commit and do the work, you will see results. We highly recommend you review this full page to get all the details of the program, what’s included, how it works, the pricing and more to be able to make the best decision for you.

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