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Hustling to burnout is the old way of entrepreneurship



here's the thing...

It is absolutely possible to create more freedom, abundance & purpose in your life without sacrificing yourself... 

Without sacrificing your joy.
Your wellbeing.
Your relationships.
Your creativity.
Your peace.
Your BIG love.


The truth is...

Anyone can build a business... but not everyone will experience freedom, enjoyment and fulfillment while doing it.

there are two archetypes of entrepreneurs:

1) The Ego-led Entrepreneurs: 
The ones who fall into the ego trap of the #hustleharder culture that is embedded in the conditioning that "you're not enough." They get caught on a never-ending treadmill of constantly proving themselves through external metrics and chasing 'more' for the sake of 'more.'

Business is created from the OUTSIDE-IN and the external metrics of money and speed become the primary metrics of success...while their lifestyle and wellbeing becomes an afterthought.
2) The Soul-led Entrepreneurs aka "SOULpreneurs"
The ones who build their businesses from the INSIDE-OUT. They understand that revenue is only ONE facet of business...and wealth.
Wealth to them also means time, impact, service, legacy, purpose, honoring their wellbeing, and living a joyful, fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle. 

SOULpreneurs know that business can feel good, easeful AND fun. They understand that success and wealth isn't just limited to how much revenue they also extends to how well they live.   

if you're reading this right now

Maybe you're thinking...

  • Can I really create and run a business without the burnout? 
  • Can I really have the financial wealth AND the wealth of time freedom? 
  • Can I really make money through sharing my natural talents & gifts (it doesn't have to be hard)?
  • Can business really feel easeful and simple?




here's the reality

There are SOUL-led entrepreneurs like myself out there who

  • Create a life of financial freedom while leading a life of purpose and meaning that deeply aligns with their values
  • Have beautiful businesses that don't burn them out AND the freedom to spend their time and energy with the people they love #theyaretheboss
  • Feel motivated and inspired by the work they do so they have no problem showing up consistently because they are in love with their vision and mission

SOULpreneur is for you if...

  • Your current 9-5 job or business is sucking your soul (give me the ticket to freedom please!)
  • You're sick of the ego-led model of entrepreneurship that is dominating the coaching industry and business world
  • You're an aspiring entrepreneur who is overwhelmed with where to even start creating an online business empire
  • You're an exhausted entrepreneur who feels like you're doing alllll the things yet not getting the results you deeply desire (and know you're capable of)
  • You desire a freedom-based lifestyle of meaning, purpose, and impact where you absolutely love the work you do in the world

SOULpreneur is not for you if

  • You're just looking to online business for a quick cash injection 
  • Your only concern is how much you make and how quickly...not so much how you live while making money 
  • You don't care about personal and professional development
  • You think you already know everything there is to know about business and aren't open to learning 




over the 2 days

Here's what we'll cover...


Day One

What it actually takes to become a SOULpreneur (the stuff no one tells you) 
  • The #1 Mistake entrepreneurs make that sabotages their success & freedom-based lifestyle
  • The Ego vs Soul-led Model of Entrepreneurship
  • Identity change as an Empress CEO
  • The Three Stages of Early Entrepreneurship
  • The Inner Work and Outer Work  to focus on in each stage

Day Two

The Four Principles of Soul-led Business (that'll save you sooo much time, money & energy)
This is where I'll share with you the Four Principles I've used to simplify my business empire to focus on what I love most.

I'll also show you the ultimate framework to access and amplify the SOUL of your business messaging, content, branding, and offerings.


Are you ready to create a life and business you don't
need to escape from?

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