your freedom-based life is waiting for you...

The Empress Entrepreneur Mastermind

For the woman who is ready to go all in to
establish her prosperous business empire and create
a life she is madly in love with


Truth Bomb:
You're not here to live to work a soul sucking job you don't love.

You are here for a reason.

You know you are here to do work you love and that you have a vision of living a bigger life.

You know that you’re here to make your mark on the world...

and that you're ready to create a life of freedom AND purpose - a life that means something deeply to you.

The thing want to do it all WITHOUT the burnout...without neglecting your wellbeing.

Does this sound like you?

Perfect. You're in the right place then.


Here's my question for you: 
What if you CAN have it all?


Time and location freedom to work on your own schedule anywhere in the world


Getting notifications that money is coming into your acount and that you're financially rocking it...with ease and flow doing what you love


Feeling energized, motivated and inspired by the work you do without needing to burn yourself out

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re struggling without a roadmap for your business and feel like you don’t have a clear direction (why does it all feel soo complicated?!)
  • You’re feeling financially stunted and blocked and deep down you can't keep living your life like this
  • You’re caught in the procrastination cycle on your business ideas and know you haven't even tapped into that next level of yours yet
  • You’re struggling to overcome perfectionism and the fear of being judged as an aspiring entrepreneur
  • You're feeling really lonely and unsure but you know you want to take the next step on your entrepreneurial path - it's the only path to your freedom

Bottom line?

You know you desire to create a business and lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment...

and that you want guidance from someone who is living this.


If you're ready to shift from hoping your life is going to change to
real change... keep reading

I quit my 9-5 Silicon Valley job in 2018 and went ALL IN on creating my online business empire in 2019.

It's an understatement to say that entrepreneurship was overwhelming when I started out. I wasn't sure what to do and I was filled with self-doubt - not to mention it was a painfully lonely experience.

The start of my journey was wasted with a lot of misused time, energy, and money turning my wheels trying to discover what I wanted and needed...

This all changed when I finally decided to invest in my first business program. I also began to enjoy the journey so much more and stepped into next levels of my creativity.

This program is everything and MORE that I wish I had when I was in the beginning stages - the inner and outer work of business. I want you to HAVE IT ALL....and enjoy the journey. I also want you to feel supported and celebrate along the way with like-hearted women who deeply care about you & your business.


The Empress Entrepreneur Mastermind

The Empress Entrepreneur is a LIVE group mastermind designed for coaches/ aspiring coaches, consultants, healers, creatives, and service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to learn how to make income without the hustle, share their transformational brand story, attract their soulmate clients, and build a world-class brand that makes them stand out in their exquisite Empress embodiment.

Immerse Yourself in 12 Transformative Video Modules

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled journey that offers you a wealth of transformative insights and support, all curated to pave your path to sovereign success. Each module delves deep into essential topics, including crafting your brand story, creating your offerings, and mastering the art of cultivating an impactful social media presence.

Empress Aligned Action Workbooks

These thoughtfully designed workbooks bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation. We're focused on you turning your business aspirations into tangible results that you're proud of.

Customizable Empress Templates

These are your plug and play support. Save yourself time by gaining immediate access to our tried and tested templates. Everything from our client onboarding our lead our 1-1 coaching portal to support you in your business process.

Creative Incubator

Bi-weekly workshopping Creative Incubator sessions to start putting what you're learning into practical ACTION so you can start seeing tangible results. You'll also have access to attend the Q&A Hot Seats with Alexia to ask any questions you have along your journey!

why this course?

The Empress Enterpreneur is everything I wish I had when I started building my business empire.  

The INNER WORK to help overcome the fears, insecurities, and imposter syndrome that comes with building a business AND the OUTER WORK of important frameworks, tools, strategies, structures, and systems to create a solid foundation.

This program is the ultimate fast track pass to a soul-led life and business guided by clarity and purpose

Rather than waiting around, stressing about trying to figure it out all on your own, or piecing together different courses and tactics, this program is going to give you the support you need to progress at your own pace and transform your business with confidence.

That’s just the beginning, you’ll be walking with a community of like-hearted, visionary women. These are Empresses who share your unwavering devotion to turning their Soul's work into prosperous, world-changing businesses.

Are you ready to quantum leap into the next level of freedom and success?


"The Empress Entrepreneur was a pure gift of Love. It has been the most profound investment... I have gained such crystal clear clarity on my big vision, my true service and my business."

Ella greig

 empress entrepreneur client

What our Empresses have celebrated since joining...

This is how you know you're ready...

  • You're absolutely #done with your soul-sucking 9-5 and the hustle treadmill (hello soul-led entrepreneurship!)
  • You're ready to access and channel your natural gifts and talents into a soul-led business that gives you your freedom-based lifestyle
  • You're #done feeling overwhelmed with how complicated business feels
  • You're #done guessing your way through how to even BEGIN birthing and building your business vision 
  • You're ready to create a life where you get to meaningfully impact others with what you looove to do
  • You're willing to open your heart AND roll up your sleeves to show up and implement what you learn
  • You take personal responsibility for your own success and don’t blame others for your results

here's what you'll be learning

The Modules

Module 1: The Empress Entrepreneur Blueprint & Feminine Leadership

Module 2: Discover Your Empress Brand Story 

Module 3: Empress Vision & Lifestyle

Module 4: Claiming Your Soul's Service

Module 5: Attract your Soulmate Clients & Community

Module 6: Crafting Your Irresistible Empress Offering

Module 7: Sovereign Pricing & Beta Clients

Module 8: Wealth Energetics

Module 9: Masculine Wealth Uplevel

Module 10: Magnetic Branding

Module 11: Visibility & Social Media

Module 12: Soulful Selling

and if you pay in full

You'll also receive these INCREDIBLE bonuses!

Bonus #1

Mastering Your Business Finances Masterclass

with Morgan De Klerk
(Valued at $249)

Bonus #2

Business Legal Basics Masterclass

with Christy Westerfeld
(Valued at $249)

Bonus #3

Fearcely Free
Self-Guided Course

With Alexia Usgaard
(Valued at $444)

Bonus #5

The Secrets to Creating A Website That Attracts Your Dream Clients Masterclass

with Nicola Tweed
(Valued at $249)

Bonus #6

Creating Elevated Client Experiences with Dubsado Masterclass

With Lani Humphreys
(Valued at $249)

From Our Empress Entrepreneurs

cierewyn says:

“Choosing to commit to the Empress Entrepreneur container was one of the most life-changing decisions I’ve ever made for myself. 

The transformation I have been through over the last 3 months is monumental, I barely recognise the woman I was before this process. Alexia goes above and beyond to not only support the up-levelling of your business, but also the up-levelling of your entire approach to life.

It is entirely possible to create our own success by weaving together both strong masculine structure with the depths of feminine flow.”


elizabeth says:

"The Empress Entrepreneur program in my view is a must have for any woman who is about to launch their business. 

The program embodies your truth and helps you to build a community to share your truth with. 

I love the duality of the approach of the individual and the business. If you do not thrive, your business does not thrive. 

The programme is very hands on, with loads of workbooks to accompany you to take the steps to abundance. When I got into this program, I was at a crossroads, and this program helped me find the path I was seeking."

tori says:

Making the investment to do Alexia's Empress Entrepreneur Program was the best business decision I have made. When joining EE I was drastically unclear on the specifics of my business.

The idea of "figuring out" all these things as a first time business owner felt overwhelming. EE provided me the support of AMAZING woman and clear guidance on where to start and how to get answers. 

One of the first major breakthroughs was identifying my motivation and clear "why" I wanted to build my business. It took iterations but that was the beauty of EE, there is no rush to figure it all out. Once I was able to hone in on my mission, then everything else fell into place. I finished the program with a clear mission statement, name, and overall brand.

I would absolutely recommend this course for any entrepreneur at any stage of building their business. I plan to continue joining all Alexia's programs to help support me as my business grows!"

ella says:

"The Empress Entrepreneur changed my life and has become the rich, fertile foundation for a lifelong exploration of my service, my purpose, my mission. I am absolutely astounded by all the heart wisdom and practical tools with business and tech I have gained. I feel really balanced in my approach, knowing I can work at my perfect pace, take simple actions one step at a time and keep putting one foot after the other, because I'm totally in love with the path I'm on. It is so much easier to no longer need to prove and justify my experience, in all aspects of my life. I feel so free and trusting. I am holding more pleasure in my life. I am activated with so much passion and zest for living.

I know where I am moving with my business and I understand how I can dance with my business and myself lightly, as I experience potent depth and transformation. I keep tapping into my Big Vision, and it feels so nourishing - nothing I can dream is too much. I want it all and I'm ready to receive my natural state of surrendered abundance. I feel more alive and loving now, than I have ever felt before. My whole being is full of gratitude. Thank you to all the special women who walked alongside me on this journey. And thank you Alexia for everything - you have moved me deeply.

Package Options

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Life-time access to The Empress Entrepreneur Method (12 Modules)

Immediate access to ALL of the bonus Empress Masterclasses from our Guest Industry Leaders

A Luxe Empress Private Consulting Session with Alexia 


or 6 payments of


Life-time access to The Empress Entrepreneur Method (12 Modules)

Immediate access to ALL of the bonus Empress Masterclasses from our Guest Industry Leaders



Are you ready to build a freedom-based business and life?


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Big thank you to the incredible women who poured their hearts and souls into the co-creation of The Empress Entrepreneur film:

Videographer & Editing: Celeste Müller

Creative Direction & Styling: Alexandra Klar

Dance Choreography: Ruby Burton

Spoken Words: Alexia Usgaard

Empresses: Annette Müller, Ella Greig, and Ezlyn Barends